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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 5:04 pm

Please follow the rules. Not following the rules can result in infraction or ban. FIVE TO TEN INFRACTIONS CAN LEAD TO PERMA-BAN (depending on staff's discretion)

1. Spamming and Advertising
No spamming or advertising. Spam can be "dfljslafj", making tons of topics, etc. Also NO advertising of other websites. You may advertise in your avatar, profile, and signature (only appropriate sites). Ask permission to advertise in your post. Also NO advertising through private message unless someone asks for the link.

2. No Flaming
No being rude to people, flaming, etc. You may debate things, but respect everyone's opinion

3. No backseat moderating/pretending to be staff
No backseat moderating. You may remind the user "dont' spam", for example, but don't try to moderate. Report the post and ignore it! Never pretend to be in the staff.

4. Don't post in a row/Bumping Threads
Do not double post, triple post, etc unless you have to. You may bump threads after 72 hours of inactivity. Do NOT post in threads that have not been posted in for two months. These rules do not apply in posting games.

5. Nothing inappropriate or offensive
Do not post adult materials, racist comments, bad religion comments, or anything else that is offensive.

6. No swearing
Do not post any offensive words, swear words, etc. You may post words like "crap" and "sucks" though. We have filters.

7. No discussion about warez or hacking
No cracks, warez, or hacking. You may post hacks such as changing the text on the start button of your computer, but not how to get coins by hacking on Club Penguin, for example.

8. Do NOT ask to be apart of the staff
No asking to join the staff. Asking will lessen your chances of becoming part of the staff.

9. Copyright Infringement/Stealing
Stealing ideas, graphics, etc. from our forum is ILLEGAL. At first we will kindly ask you to remove it. Next, we will contact your host's administrator. Finally, we may contact the authorities to remove your website and possibly give you some kind of punishment.

10. Infractions/Warnings
Warnings will usually be given when you first break a rule. They are not recorded. If you continually break a rule, or a certain rule, etc. you will receive an infraction. 5-10 infractions can ban you forever.

11. Avatars/Signatures
All avatars must be under 200x200. All signatures must be under 500x150. If they are larger, you must put them in a "spoiler" or they will be removed and you will be warned/infracted. They must follow all the rules. You may put links.

12. No unlawful/illicit discussion
Do not post anything that violates the laws of your country, American laws, or international laws. (i.e. if you are from a country that allows things that america doesn't allow you must follow the american law, too.)

13. Stay on topic
Do not go off-topic a lot.

14. Always search and read announcements/stickies
If you have a question, do not immediately post a thread. Search around the forum and read the announcements and stickies. This will help you out, save you time, the staff time, and make everything more organized.

15. Staff
Mickey4741 [Founder]
Behn [Admin]

Bam [Head Mod]

16. Thanks for reading. Any more questions. PM a staff member.
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The Rules
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